"The year is 1930. The place is Detroit yacht Club in USA. It's all about Harmsworth Trophy – the motor boatings counterpart to America's Cup. Gar Wood completes his Miss America IX and is getting ready. The two Swedes standing on the dock in white overalls are also ready. They put on their flight hoods and motor goggles and enters the boat. ”Sveriges” two V12-engines roar up with a thunderous rumble”.

The words are Gits Olssons, a very well known swedish journalist, and the scenario could have been a reality. A few members of the Swedish Royal Motorboat Club had real plans to challenge the "Silver Fox" Gar Wood about the absolute speed record at sea. Even then it was understood; the value of hosting the world's fastest boat. However, the plans unfortunately stayed just plans at that time. But Ruben Östlund's drawings remain. And the precise architectural description is preserved. So the possibility still exists today.?

100 knots was an almost unattainable goal, already at that time. Today it is still an incredible speed - something that few people will be fortunate to experience. And especially not in a boat made of mahogany!

But now it becomes reality!

In early August 2011 the contract was signed for the making of ”Sverige”. The construction of one of the most spectacular wooden boats could begin. The clients, two thrill-seeking men from Stockholm wants to realize the old dream of beating 100 knots with a Swedish-built boat. The boat will be built here in Holmsund, we have good experience of rapid wooden boats by having built the replica of Ivar Kreuger´s SVALAN and restored Max Gumpels lovely racer LAILA. The project is led by Anders Båthus with the goal of creating a classic record breaking boat completely without compromise. Welcome aboard on this year's most interesting project!??

You are welcome to join the project in the blog! Anders Værnéus at Anders Båthus writes about the history and other interesting facts. We at the shipyard write about the progress and construction inside the shop.

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